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Dress Code

Academic Attire for Students 

All LBUSD K-8 schools require that students follow a uniform clothes policy. Please read our guidelines so that you will be fully aware of what is and is not acceptable in student dress at Hudson Elementary School. Students are expected to be dressed in the appropriate uniform daily. 

Hudson School Uniform
  • Solid white, light blue, or dark navy blue tops with a collar (undershirts must be the same color).
    • Exception: Hudson t-shirts can be worn everyday & college shirts on Fridays.
  • No tops inside-out, strapless, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder, low-cut, or tank tops. No logos (except for Hudson/District logos) and no sports jerseys.
  • Navy Blue (Dark blue denim is acceptable. No faded, ripped, or torn jeans).
  • Leggings may not be worn as pants, but may be worn under skirts or dresses.
  • No sweats, athletic shorts, jeggings, or bottoms with rips or tears.
  • Shorts/skirts must pass fingertip test with hands straight at sides.
  • Pants should be worn at the waist.
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets in uniform colors.
    • Uniform shirts must be worn under sweatshirts/jackets.
  • No hoods on heads, except during appropriate weather. No logos other than Hudson or brand name logos. 
  • Shoes must cover the entire foot (Tennis shoes or PE-appropriate shoes).
  • No sandals, heels, or open-toed/open heeled footwear may be worn.
Additional dress code requirements:

Caps/hats may be worn for sun protection outdoors. Caps/hats may not be worn indoors. Hoods should not be worn indoors. No large hoops or unsafe earrings/jewelry/belts. No facial piercings. During free dress days, students are still expected to abide by the dress code. Students who do not wish to participate in School Spirit Dress should plan to come in school uniform.